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November Web Design & Development Roundup

Remember to not let your full inbox and 8 paged to-do-list become a wall. The pressure of this industry is never going to go away but we can’t let that prevent us from seeing beyond and taking advantage of opportunities to learn new things. Rather, lets take it day by day, decision by decision, lesson by lesson, looking for opportunities to grow and be better.

I uncover new tools, discover fresh perspectives and am genuinely inspired each and every day. Each month I create a summary of a few cool resources I came across, hoping to reach out and share some light with fellow marketers, designers and developers.


Google’s Web Designer Tool - Bring ideas to life across screens with Google's new Web Designer tool


REFORM - Ideas can come from anywhere. Maybe from this tool.


UsabilityHub - Learn how visitors will interact with your design before launching.


Interface Tools Photoshop Plugin - A grouped panel of the most handy tools


Mergely - View and merge changes between documents built entirely with HTML5


Branding/Identity Mockup Templates - Present your company in a modern way with


In a Brush - Typography showcase


AT.js - a GitHub like autocomplete library


UI Cloud - The largest user interface design database in the world


Rulers - JavaScript library allowing Photoshop-like rulers and guides interface on a web page


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