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Web Design & Development Resource Roundup – August Edition

For designers & developers, makers & shakers, and anybody in-between, (friends, family, co-workers) - here is a roundup of some interesting tools and digital tidbits.

Let’s start with design-focused resources...

FilterFactory - This awesome site applies SVG Filters on image with export feature.

Stylify Me - For those times when you need a "styleguide,” and nobody made one, gain a quick overview of site colors, fonts, sizing and spacing here.

Retinize It - Photoshop actions for slicing retina graphics. A time-saver for our designers and developers.

Tiff - A visual typeface comparison tool.

They Make Icons - Download Free PNG, ICNS, ICO icons.

Tactile Design Kit - Download physical, interactive web design kit for engaging your clients in discovery as a PDF, EPS or AI file

UI8 - 704 UI Icons delivered in PSD, AI, EPS and SVG format.

UnSplash - Free hi-resolution photos for your next presentation or design project.

Macaw - The code-savvy web design tool we’ve all been waiting for.

WireKit - Try using this tool to make wireframing your next iPhoneApp in Photoshop a little easier.

Meet the Ipsums - Definitely the most fun Lorum Ipsum generator - For those times you will get to the copy later.

DPI Love ♥ Know your screens and easily find the DPI/PPI of them all.

Web Font Generator for Mac OSX

Now for you techies who care a little less about color and a little more about code...

Effeckt.css - A work-in-progress promising awesome performant CSS transitions & animations.

Casper - Responsive site screenshots made into less of a tedious headache thanks to Casper.

Ring.js - Wish JavaScript offered multiple inheritance like most languages? Wish granted.

Flippant - A mini javascript/css library to easily recreate that card flipping effect you always wanted.

Ghostlab. Synchronized testing for web and mobile.

Screenshift - A high impact ad format built using responsive design

CSS Selector Matches - A really interesting script to visualize CSS selectors

Real-Time Insights - By Google. Therefore it’s great.

Welcome Mat - Remember when making ASCII art was something we wrote C++ programs to do? This makes it easy & visual

Grid Calculator - This will come in handy for sure. - Screensize or popularity contest? How about greatness.

Firechat - Open source chat built on Firebase. No server code necessary.

AmI.ResponsiveDesign.Is - A quick test to see if your site really is responsive.

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