March 12, 2008 · Comments Off on About me

About me

I Build things.

Brands, experiences, relationships, apps, sites. To me it's all a combination of expression, insight and applying my swiss army knife approach to problem solving and creativity.

My brain is like a blender and I enjoy splitting my collective brainpower between creativity, marketing and emerging technology in all aspects of my life. From concept to execution, and all the lovely and dark places in between that is the space I live in.

I like spending my time with great people who can appreciate the impact great experiences will have on brands and the world across all mediums, with digital being my primary area of focus.

  • Founder of Digital Surgeons, a Digital Marketing Agency located in New Haven, Connecticut and wherever else my internet connected devices take me.
  • Co-founder of Shoot Local , a social utility for photographers and videographers to scout, shoot, share and discover locations.